Avondale Police Station

31st Jul 2020

Lukhozi has been appointed by the Department of Public Works (DPW) as the civil and structural consultants for the condition based maintenance at the Avondale Police Station. The police station has an estimated number of 35 staff members, of which 15 are residents on the premises, and has holding cells which can confine 10 people.

The police station is located ± 35km west of the town of Matatiele and is near the Lesotho border.

Lukhozi consulting engineers - Civil & Structural Engineers

The project aims to address poor access within the site, to provide linkage between buildings, provided dedicated park area for the staff, improve security at the holding cells and exhibit store and revamp the stormwater control. This will be achieved by implementing the following: repairing damaged portions of the concrete road and walkways; constructing new sections of concrete road and walkways; gravelling a portion of the existing entrance road; casting new reinforced concrete roof slabs and building new concrete stormwater channels, outlets and aprons.

Currently, the project is in the construction stage and the contractor has made steady progress.

This project is one of several SAPS buildings and one of the multiple conditional based maintenance projects that Lukhozi are appointed for and is a showcase of our specialist expertise and skill in this discipline.

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