Edward Avenue Housing Project

18th Jun 2021

Lukhozi Consulting Engineers  are well underway with designs for the new housing development in Ottery. The site is located along the existing Grassy Park canal and covers approximately two hectares of land. 126 residential erven will be developed as part of the project, with the subsidy allocations already completed. 

Many dwellings surrounding the site location are characterised by overcrowding and poor living conditions. With this development, the City of Cape Town aims to alleviate this overcrowding and provide housing and recreational space for the residents of Ottery. 

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Site location of Edward Avenue Housing Project, Cape Town

Lukhozi was appointed by the  City of Cape Town to undertake the planning, design, and construction monitoring services of the development in 2019. This design includes all the infrastructure services as well as adequate transportation facilities. 

Being an incredibly flat landscape, this design poses the challenge of providing an adequate grade for all services to run efficiently. Consideration is also to be made not to disturb or disrupt the existing dwellings which are in very close proximity to the site. 

We look forward to tackling these challenges head-on and providing the City of Cape Town with another successful project! 

Edward Avenue Housing Project: Existing Site

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