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Water & Sanitation Projects

Coega Bulk Sewers

Coega Development Corporation needed to drain the industrial zones 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and13 of the Coega SEZ. A total of two collector sewers measuring 6.0km were required, one flowing from the north and the other flowing from the south. The collector sewers comprise PVC and HDPE lined concrete sewers ranging in diameter from 315mm to 750mm. 

The project also included the Sonop pump station, a flooded suction sewage pump station with a peak pumping capacity of 510l/s. A 4.4km dual rising main of two 450mm diameter HDPE pipelines pumps wastewater from the Sonop pump station to the next pump station in the bulk collector system. The project value is approximately R53million (2016).